Social Impact Assessment & CSR

JMEPL has developed tools and expertise that involves:-

  • Identification of project impacts and affected populations
  • a legal framework for land acquisition and compensation
  • a compensation framework
  • a description of resettlement assistance and restoration of livelihood activities
  • a detailed budget
  • an implementation schedule
  • a description of organizational responsibilities
  • a framework for public consultation, participation, and development planning
  • a description of provisions for redress of grievances
  • a framework for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting

Action Plan:-

Related Projects:-

Preparation of Social Impact Assessment(SIA) & Resettlement Plan for M/s. Prism Cement Ltd. In this project we had prepared the SIA report as per IFC guidelines which includes project preparation manual, carrying out survey of project affected families, land assessment , formulation of resettlement action plan & formulation of database of the survey conducted, The Projects is funded by EKF Denmark